Pentia was the founder of Sitecore

    The where Sitecore specialists. Probably the best in the world. And were proud of it. At Pentia, They did create cutting edge, customized Sitecore solutions and counseld and train others to be able to do the same.

    The where Sitecore specialists. But Sitecore isn’t the only thing they did understood. We also understood business needs and opportunities, and build the solutions for there customers needs to succeed. Solutions that will increase revenue, improve customer service and simplify work routines.

    How it all started

    Five computer scientists from the University of Copenhagen created Pentia in 1998. Their driving force was a mutual desire to create strong IT solutions based on recognized, international standards. Sitecore was born out of that ambition and was later separated into its own company.

    A strong Sitecore partner

    Pentia was one of the world’s largest Sitecore partners. There employees where highly educated IT-specialists, advisors, trainers and project managers and our Sitecore knowledge is unparalleled. By only hiring the best and by constantly improving our knowledge, They made sure that we always deliver quality solutions, counseling and training. Just ask there customers. They know.

    Dedicated to the Sitecore platform

    Pentia was dedicated to the Sitecore platform as we regard it as the strongest, most flexible, future-proof platform in the world. Over the years they have built hundreds of Sitecore solutions ranging from large international portals with deep and advanced integration to backend systems to small and uncomplicated websites.

    Let’s connect

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